Creativity - Focus - Balance - Execution - Discipline

Coaching for Creative Individuals

You are "creative" and working as a freelance?

Your clients are different, your contacts don't always understand you and it puts your time, money and mood to the test.

With a strong technical expertise and a taste for design, I've had the opportunity to lead teams of creative people through development of innovative projects.

Freelance myself, I coach passioned individuals, in handling their time, their energy level and their finances.

Should you be a developer, a designer, an artist, a musician, writer, whatever is your business, if it's also your passion and you're sometimes doing it at your expense, I can help you make the difference between time and energy consuming tasks, and the true rewarding and money making ones.

Holistic Coaching

Balancing your life.

Being freelance is absolutely compatible with having a social life, a relationship and kids. Find the plan that suits your lifestyle.


Develop entrepreneurship. Stop being a contractor, become a partner your clients can't afford to loose.

Stay creative.

Find reward in your clients' projects.

Make yourself respected.

Identify clients and missions best matching your profile, and stop debating your rates.

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Coaching for creative people.

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